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The Best Waterproof Dog Coats That Cover the Belly [2022 Buyers Guide]

Many waterproof dog coats don’t cover the belly. Here’s a rundown of those coats that do cover the underbelly to keep it warm and dry.

Keeping your dog comfortable and protected from the elements is likely a top priority. There are countless dog coats on the market, but only a few of them are waterproof, and even fewer of them cover the belly. So how are you supposed to find the perfect one for your pup? Fortunately, you’re in the right place.

In this buyer’s guide, we will share info about the best waterproof dog coats that cover the belly, including:

The best waterproof dog coat that covers the belly is the Canada Pooch Torrential Tracker. It’s made of water-repelling polyester to keep your dog dry during rainstorms. It has an optional neck warmer for extra-cold days and nights, as well as a reflective coating for night time walking.

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If you’re in a hurry, here are our top picks for the best waterproof dog coats that cover the belly. You can read in-depth about each one further below as well as learn about many factors to consider when making your decision as to which one to buy.

  • What you need to keep an eye out for when purchasing a dog coat
  • Details about the six best options on the market
  • Pros and cons about every dog coat on our list

What To Look for When Buying Waterproof Dog Coats That Cover the Belly

When looking for a new coat for your dog, you’ll probably run into hundreds of options. Before you pick one randomly, consider the three following essentials:

  • Materials determine how waterproof and wind-resistant the coat is.
  • Maximum coverage should protect your dog’s neck, belly, and back.
  • Buckles, belts, and velcro straps are the best security methods.

If you want to learn more about each of these crucial details, read on. If not, you can jump ahead to our list of choices below.


Dog coats are made out of all sorts of materials, but most of them don’t provide enough water-resistance or wind-resistance. Your goal is to keep your dog warm, dry, and comfortable. Sadly, that’s not achievable with many lightweight materials if your weather conditions are not ideal.

So, what materials are available?

  • Cotton is warm and cushioned, but it’s not very water-resistant. In fact, it absorbs moisture, making the coat heavier and difficult to wear.
  • Polyester is the best material because it repels water and wind. Polyester-coated cotton is also acceptable. This combo mixes the comfort and warmth of cotton with the water-resistance of polyester for a top-notch coat. Nylon-treated polyester (or silicone-treated polyester) is preferred.
  • Wool is warm, heavy, and semi-itchy. Your dog will feel very warm during dry winter days, but wool absorbs water like cotton; Therefore, it’s not the best choice. Again, anything covered in polyester could work.


Keeping your dog covered in all areas of their body creates comfort and dryness. Adequate coverage is one of the most important details of a dog coat, both for warmth and protection from moisture. Far too many brands skip the underside, leading to exposure that can create a cold and/or wet belly.


How is the jacket secured? Does it use buckles, belts, straps, or velcro? These options provide optimal security to prevent it from falling off. The coat should act as a second skin rather than a puffy, movement-limiting vice. Make sure your dog can comfortably move around while all of the straps are secured.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Canada Pooch Torrential Tracker

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If you want to cut to the chase and get the best option, the Canada Pooch Torrential Tracker is the go-to coat for many dog owners. It has a reflective outer coating that illuminates your dog wherever they go, providing protection from walkers, drivers, and cyclists. The bright yellow color is fashionable and lets you and others see them easily, too.

If you want to keep your dog warm, you’ll love this polyester jacket. Water bounces off without penetrating the lining. There’s an optional hood at the top that covers your dog’s neck throughout the day. You’ll also enjoy the coat’s two pockets for treats, toys, and more. It’s an all-around mobile, comfortable jacket for your pup.

Bottom Line: The Canada Pooch Torrential Tracker has it all. Your dog can move around without feeling limited, wet, or uncomfortable. Its water-resistance properties keep moisture at bay while the velcro straps protect their belly.

Size(s)7” to 29” (17.8cm to 73.7cm) back length
SecurityVelcro straps
ProtectionWaterproof and wind-resistant


  • It’s soft and breathable. Your dog won’t overheat, making it ideal for outdoor playing.
  • There are plenty of sizes to choose from. Whether you have a chihuahua or a labrador retriever, your dog will enjoy this coat.
  • Velcro straps provide easy access. Remove or replace the jacket whenever you want to.
  • The upper pockets are perfect for storing random items. Bring their treats and toys without crowding your backpack.


  • There’s not enough cotton for snowy weather. You could get an under jacket, though.
  • Yellow and pink are the only color options. This could be a personal preference, though.

Best for Leashes: Didog Cold Weather Dog Warm Vest

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Do you enjoy walking your dog, but you want a jacket to keep them warm? Didog Cold Weather Dog Warm Vest has a ring on top for leashes. You can walk your dog wherever you go without bringing a cold breeze. Many competitors have a thin slit for the leash, but it invites cold air (which isn’t the case with this jacket).

This comfy dog coat comes in red, blue, and pink. It’s made out of polyester to keep cold air out without overheating your pup. The underside has a long zipper to secure it, but you can partially open the zipper to bring in a light breeze. This dog jacket covers your pup from their neck to the base on their tail.

Bottom Line: If you want something that’ll keep your dog warm during cold days, this vest is a great choice. The puffy inner lining provides enough warmth for any dog, especially since it comes in a wide size range. The leash ring is a welcome addition to bring it near the top of the list.

Size(s)10” to 22.5” (25.4cm to 57.2cm) back length
ProtectionWaterproof, windproof, snowproof


  • This warm jacket is ideal for cold months. If you’re walking your dog in the fall or winter, you’ll enjoy it (and so will they).
  • Polyester repels water while the inner lining provides warmth. It’s a nearly unbeatable combo without limiting their mobility.
  • You can choose from three different colors to suit your dog’s style. You know their favorite color better than anyone else!
  • Take them on walks or hikes with the integrated leash ring.


  • It’s not the best choice for small puppies or extra-large dogs. The size range is slightly limited compared to the previous entry.
  • This vest is a bit too warm for the summer months. The inner filling might make your dog pant too much.

Best for Warmth: MIGOHI Dog Jackets

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For those of you who prefer winter jackets, the MIGOHI Dog Jackets are second to none. They’re ultra-warm, providing comfort during the most brutal winters. Your dog will feel relaxed in the long, fully-covered coat from the moment they put it on. The velcro straps provide optimal security with convenient ease of access.

If you recall the cotton-polyester combo from the ‘Materials’ subheading, you’ll remember it’s a top choice for many pet owners. This jacket uses polyester over terylene and cotton for excellent warmth and water-resistance. Your dog will feel warm and cozy, even when it’s freezing outside.

Bottom Line: The MIGOHI Dog Jackets are a great example of warmth and water-resistance in a coat. From the collared neck to the adjustable straps, the company kept your dog’s best interest in mind. Even if you have a fall seasonal dog jacket, this one is perfect for winter and cold nights.

Material(s)Polyester and terylene cotton
Size(s)9.8” to 38.6” (24.9cm to 98cm) back length
SecurityVelcro straps


  • When it comes to warmth, nothing beats this jacket. The inner cotton lining is too comfortable for the competition!
  • It fits almost any dog. From small puppies to extra-large Great Danes, it’s a top choice for all.
  • You can choose from five colors. Your dog will be happy to wear their favorite shades while you can relax, knowing they’re warm.
  • The jacket is reversible. They can wear it inside out for water-resistance or flip it back to its normal form for warmth.


  • Much like a few other options on the list, it’s too warm for summer and spring. The cotton-polyester combination can overheat your pup.
  • Since it’s too heavy, it’s not the best choice for snowy weather. However, it’s perfect for rainy days.

Best for Night Walks: HiGuard Dog Raincoat

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We all work different schedules. If you’re only free during the night time, you should get your dog the HiGuard Dog Raincoat. It has massive reflective strips to illuminate them wherever they walk. Whether you’re off-road on a hiking trail or walking around the block, it’s essential that your dog stays bright for other people to see.

This belly-covering dog jacket has two velcro straps that secure under their stomach and chest. You can open either of them for more breeze or secure them both for warmth. The top of the coat has a flap for leashes. Slide the leash through, hook it to their collar, and close the flap to prevent cold air from getting through.

Bottom Line: The HiGuard Dog Raincoat is ideal for autumn and spring late night walks. Your dog will stay bright for all to see without feeling weighed down by too many layers. The water-resistant material is great for rainy days and nights, and the previously mentioned leash flap won’t let water inside.

Material(s)Nylon and fleece
Size(s)Medium, Large, and Extra-Large
SecurityVelcro straps


  • This coat is bright and reflective. You don’t have to worry about people not seeing your dog when you’re walking them at night.
  • It has a leash cover. This addition keeps rain and wind away from your dog’s neck.
  • The rain-resistant nylon coating is waterproof and easy to clean. Use wet cloths to remove debris from the surface.
  • It’s lightweight and breathable for all months of the year. Your dog can stay comfortable and illuminated whenever you want them to be.


  • It only comes in three sizes. However, the company is in the process of adding a wider selection.
  • There’s only one color (yellow and black). This might not be an issue for you and your dog, though.

Best for Hiking Dogs: Kurgo Dog Reversible Winter Jacket

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If you have an outdoor dog that’s always on the move, the Kurgo Dog Reversible Winter Jacket should be your top choice. This company offers base layers, fleece sweaters, and this high-end hiking coat. It promotes optimal movement, comfort, and water-resistance throughout their journey. We all know how soaked and muddy dogs can get when they’re on a hike!

Unlike most other dog jackets on the list, this one has a zipper on top rather than below. The company designed it this way to allow you to open the zipper for leashes and collars. They’re compatible with the aforementioned undercoat and fleece sweater, too. However, it has similar waterproof features and a reflective layer.

Bottom Line: Outdoor enthusiasts should get the Kurgo Dog Winter Jacket for three seasons (not including summer; it’s too hot). It comes in over ten colors and multiple sizes to fit almost any dog. The outer layer is reversible to hide or reveal the reflective lining.

Material(s)Ripstop nylon
Size(s)X-small, small, medium, large, and X-large


  • The reversible jacket lets you use it at night or during the daytime. Your dog will always be visible to you and the people nearby.
  • It’s waterproof to keep moisture out. Your dog will stay dry, even during the rainiest days.
  • There are countless colors and sizes. It’s an ideal choice for any active pup.
  • The top zipper makes it easy to put on. It’s also great for using leashes, collars, and other security devices.
  • It includes a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The dog jacket is designed to work with another layer, so you’ll need to spend more money if you want to use it during extra-cold winter days.
  • You can’t machine dry this jacket. You can use the washer, but not the dryer, since heat can ruin it.

Best for Windy Days: PETCEE Dog Jacket

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Last but not least is the PETCEE Dog Jacket. This heavily wind-resistant jacket is perfect for rainy, windy days. It has a neck flap that protects your dog’s neck since it’s constantly vulnerable. You can’t access their own neck, so keeping it warm is a crucial detail for dog jackets and shirts.

The upper portion has a hole for collars and leashes, so you can walk your dog wherever you go. The stretchy elastic band keeps their chest warm without feeling too loose or constricting. This adaptive feature allows them to move around without being limited. The inner fleece lining is designed for top-notch warmth, too.

Bottom Line: The PETCEE Dog Jack is a fantastic choice for dog owners who live in windy, rainy regions. It pushes both elements off your pup for year-round protection. Choose from three colors and a plethora of sizes to see which fits your dog the best.

Material(s)Polyester and fleece
Size(s)X-small, small, medium, and large through 5XL
SecurityVelcro strap
ProtectionWaterproof and windproof


  • The neck cover prevents cold air from getting through. It’s ideal for windy days with a heavy wind chill.
  • There are more than enough sizes to choose from. It’s a perfect jacket for any dog, regardless of how big they are.
  • The inner fleece lining promotes warmth without overheating your pup. With an outer polyester layer, it’s a high-quality combination.
  • The stretchy chest region adjusts to dogs of all sizes. You don’t have to worry about them feeling constricted.


  • This jacket isn’t the best choice for icy winters. It won’t keep out snow since there’s a hole for the leash.
  • The tail rubber band gets in the way, but it’s a pro for some dog owners. It’s designed to promote a customized fit, but if your dog doesn’t need it, there’s a pointless band floating behind them.


Now that you know the best waterproof coats for dogs that cover the belly to keep them warm and dry, you can decide which is the best choice for your pup. Do you prefer the outdoor-proof Kurgo Winter Jacket or the warm MIGOHI Dog Jacket? There are plenty of choices to try for your dog. Don’t forget the size, buckles, and belts, too.

Remember that materials, coverage, security, wind-resistance, and water-resistance are crucial. Your dog should feel relaxed and comfortable in any environment so they can enjoy their walk or  other adventure with you.

Superb Dog Editor

Superb Dog Editor