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Best Dog Carrier Slings (2022 Guide)

Dog carrier slings are a convenient way to bring your small dog or puppy with you to just about anywhere. We pick the best dog sling carriers on the market.

It can be very liberating for both you and your dog to take them with you when you are out and about. While it can be more difficult to do this with larger dogs, dog carrier slings are an easy solution for small dogs and puppies (especially during the period before their vaccines are complete). Check out a few different styles of sling carriers to find the right one for your dog and your needs.

The best dog carrier slings are durable, comfortable for both you and your dog, and have safety features such as collar clips and closures to keep your dog from jumping or falling out. It is also a bonus if the dog sling is stylish, as you will be wearing it around like a clothing accessory.

Whether you have a puppy or a small adult dog, it is helpful to have a way to carry them in public. To help you choose a dog carrier sling, we look at a few factors and options that you should consider. 

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If you’re in a hurry, here are our top picks:

What to Consider When Buying a Dog Carrier Sling

When choosing a dog carrier sling, there are some factors to consider. There are a surprising number of options on the market, and it can be overwhelming. However, if you know what features you need and want in a carrier, your decision will be much easier..

Collar Clips

In general, a sling carrier can keep your dog safe when you’re out and about. However, if your dog sees another dog or something else that makes them want to run, they could jump out of the carrier.

You should look for a carrier with a collar clip that can keep your dog in the bag if they try to jump. Collar clips act like the clip on a leash, so they can attach directly to your dog’s collar.


If a collar clip isn’t enough, you can also get a sling that lets you zip or close the bag more. That can help keep your dog in the carrier even more, and it can be an extra backup security feature.

A closure is a great idea for a smaller dog who may fall out, but it can help any dog you put in your carrier. Just make sure the closure is easy to use so that you can take your dog in and out of the carrier as necessary.


If you’re going to use the sling often, you need to make sure the material is comfortable for your dog. Cotton is an excellent choice for its breathability. Your dog can sit comfortably in a cotton sling for long periods.

Microfiber is another fantastic choice because it doesn’t wear easily. That’s a great option if your dog is teething or has long claws that could scratch the inside of the sling. Canvas is also durable and can handle a fair amount of wear and tear.


You should also consider how comfortable the sling will be for you. If you have back or shoulder problems, look for a sling with a thick, adjustable strap. You can also look for a padded strap for even more comfort.

That way, you won’t feel discomfort when using the carrier. While you don’t want the carrier to overwhelm you, an adjustable strap lets you determine how low or high your dog will sit on you. This also helps make sure you have easy access to your pet.


Of course you also need to consider how big or small your dog is. Unfortunately, you won’t find a good dog sling for a dog that’s 50 or 100 pounds (23 or 45 kgs). However, some slings have very low maximum weights.

If your dog is about 10 to 20 pounds (4.5 to 9 kgs), you need to choose a carrier to support that weight, and if your dog is only a few pounds, you should choose a smaller carrier so that your dog can be comfortable in it and you aren’t carrying unnecessary extra weight.

Style Points

Wearing a dog carrier sling is like wearing a messenger bag or purse; it can effectively be a fashion accessory. Finding one that matches your style and wardrobe choices might make you feel more fashionable and stylish. If you’re all about function over style and don’t care about the carrier’s appearance, disregard this advice!


You should also think about how much you can spend on a sling dog carrier. Consider how often you plan to use the carrier as well. If you only need it occasionally, you may be able to get by with a cheaper sling.

However, if you want to take your dog on errands each day or multiple times a week, you may justify spending more. In that case, you want to get the best quality dog carrier for you and your pup.

Best Overall: Alfie Pet – Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier

Most people will find the Alfie Pet – Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier to be a great choice for their needs and dog.

Alfie Pet - Chico 2.0 Revisible Pet Sling Carrier with Adjustable Strap - Color: Grey and Denim
  • Measures 9” depth and holds pets up to 12 pounds
  • Feature adjustable shoulder strap and safety collar hook for extra security
  • Perfect combination of convenience and style

The carrier is up to nine inches (22.9 cm) deep, so there’s plenty of room for various small dogs. It can hold dogs weighing up to 12 pounds (5.4 kgs), so it’s great for puppies and adults of smaller breeds. You can adjust the strap to fit your body so that it’s comfortable to wear.

This carrier looks good and functions well. It has a safety collar hook that you can use to secure your dog in the bag. Then, you can wear the bag across your body and keep your hands free for other things.

You can use this carrier every day or for weekend errands. When you get home, you can throw it in the wash so that it’s clean and ready for your dog the next time you use it.

To wear the sling, you can tie it so that it sits where you want it. This helps you make sure your dog stays close to your side.

Bottom Line: This is the best sling dog carrier for people who want to take their dogs on errands or around in their daily life. It has a safety hook to keep your dog in the bag, and you don’t need to take up one of your hands to hold the bag.


  • Convenient: You can wear this bag over your regular clothes, and you can adjust it to fit. That way, you don’t need to bring your dog on a leash.
  • Safe for your dog: With the collar hook, you don’t have to worry about your dog jumping out and running away. That makes it a great choice if you visit places with other dogs or distractions.
  • Different color options: Whether you want something neutral or more colorful, you can get this sling. It comes in grey, blue, and pink.
  • Affordable: This sling is a great option for anyone on a budget or who may not use the sling enough to justify a higher price tag. Still, the price doesn’t sacrifice on quality.
  • Easy to wash: If your dog gets their fur all over the sling or they do their business on accident, you can throw the sling in the wash. Then, you can use it over and over.
  • Helps your dog: If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, the sling is a great tool. You can keep your dog close to you at all times, so you can make your dog feel better.


  • Metal loops aren’t comfortable: This sling uses a metal loop system to make it adjustable. So, depending on where you wear the bag, the loop could dig into your shoulder and feel uncomfortable.
  • The tie isn’t secure: It can be hard to tie a knot tight enough so that it doesn’t come undone. Make sure you know how to tie a knot securely.

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Best Bang for the Buck: Bro’ Bear i’Pet Hands-Free Sling Carrier

The Bro’ Bear i’Pet Hands-Free Sling Carrier is great for anyone with a super small budget for dog toys and gear.

CRMADA Hands-Free Reversible Small Dog Cat Sling Carrier Bag Travel Tote Soft Comfortable Puppy Kitty Rabbit Double-Sided Pouch Shoulder Carry Tote Handbag, Grey…
  • Machine washable soft cotton fabric and polyester, safe and comfort
  • This reversible & hands-free sling-style carrier loops over shoulder while pet rests in pouch on opposite hip to keep pet secure and comfortable
  • External security hasp to prevent pets jumping out

This carrier is reversible, so you can choose the color and pattern that looks better with your outfit. That makes it a great choice for everyday use, but you can also use it for special occasions.

It uses cotton and polyester, so it’s comfortable for your dog, and the adjustable strap is great for you. The sling has an external security clasp to keep your dog from jumping out, so you can make sure they stay safe.

If the carrier gets dirty, you can put it in the wash in cold water, and when you aren’t using the bag at all, it folds flat for easy storage. The bag won’t take up much space, so it’s great if you don’t want to use it often.

Bottom Line: If you want a cheap sling carrier to test it out, you can’t go wrong with this one. It has many basic features you’d expect from a sling, and it looks good, too. Plus, it’s great for dogs who may relieve themselves when in the bag because it’s easy to wash.


  • Great for dogs with attachment issues: You can keep your dog close to you throughout the day, so it’s great if they have anxiety or otherwise need your comfort.
  • Easy to take anywhere: If you want to take your dog with you, you can use this bag at work or while running errands.
  • Easy to use: You can put your dog in the sling and take them out easily. The bag is easy to open, so you don’t need to fuss with it too much.
  • Affordable: If you can’t justify spending a ton on a sling, give this one a try. It’s good quality and does what you need it to.
  • Comfortable shoulder strap: If you have shoulder problems, you’ll love how this feels. You can adjust the strap to meet your needs and make you feel comfortable.
  • Versatile: Many people can use the bag. You don’t have to worry about needing multiple slings for you and your family.


  • Too big for some dogs: If your dog is less than 10 pounds (4.5 kgs), the dog may get lost in the bag with how big it is. While that can be good, it can be harder for you to know your dog is there.
  • Itchy material: The material can feel itchy after you wear it for a while, so it’s not the best for using all day.

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Best for Comfort: AUTOWT Dog Padded Papoose Sling

AUTOWT Dog Padded Papoose Sling, Small Pet Sling Carrier Hands Free Carry Adjustable Shoulder Strap Reversible Tote Bag with a Pocket Safety Belt Dog Cat Traveling Subway (5-12lbs, Burgundy)
  • 💓Soft Padded - AUTOWT pet sling carrier can be easily adjusted according to your height with a simple buckle. The width of shoulder strap is 3.15...
  • 💓Safe and Comfortable - AUTOWT small dog carrier includes an adjustable safety hook which links to your pet's collar and two buttons on mouth of...
  • 💓Adjustable Strap - The shoulder strap can be adjusted from 17.72 inch to 35.43 inch, which can be customized to the most suitable length for...

If you want the most comfortable sling dog carrier, consider the AUTOWT Dog Padded Papoose Sling

The sling has a soft padded strap that you can adjust to fit your body. Its strap is also over three inches (7.6 cm) wide and uses a thick sponge material to help even more with comfort. That makes it a great option for long days.

You can also adjust the length of the strap from 17.72 to 35.43 inches (45 to 90 cm), so you can wear the bag how you like it. That way, you can make sure you and your dog are comfortable.

It also features a zipped pocket where you can store dog treats, poo bags, and your own personal belongings. Then, you also don’t have to carry a purse and weigh yourself down even more.

Bottom Line: The AUTOWT sling carrier is a durable, flexible choice. It’s great for long-term use throughout your workday or during errands. You don’t have to worry about the strap feeling heavy, and you can adjust it if it does get uncomfortable.


  • Breathable cotton material: The cotton material can feel good for your dog and you if the bag touches your skin. You don’t have to worry about any allergies before using the sling.
  • Adjustable strap: Another benefit is that you can fit that bag to your body and needs, and if you hand the sling to a friend or family member, they can fit it to their body.
  • Great for small dogs: It can handle up to 12 or 13 pounds (5.4 or 5.9 kgs), and it’s best for dogs with shorter legs since the bag isn’t that tall. The bag is best for dogs at least five pounds (2.3 kgs).
  • Different colors: You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. The bag comes in burgundy, green, black, and multiple other colors.
  • Easy to use: Once you get the bag, you can wear it and put your dog in it. Then, you can go about your day as normal.


  • No clasp or closing system: The bag doesn’t have a hook or anything to keep your dog from jumping out of the bag. So, it’s better for calm dogs that don’t get distracted.
  • The base isn’t supportive: This bag doesn’t have a very sturdy base, so you may end up having to hold it to support your dog.

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Best for Versatility: AOFOOK Dog Sling Carrier

The AOFOOK Dog Sling Carrier is a versatile model that’s great for various small to medium-sized dogs.

AOFOOK Dog Cat Sling Carrier Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap with Zipper Pocket for Outdoor Travel (Black)
  • COMPANION: This dog carrier front pack is an ideal solution to keep your pet company in many situations, like bringing your puppy on your errands,...
  • PAD: It could be a shoulder pad or a cushion for pets. The strap is soft and wide, which can evenly distribute the weight to your whole body. The pad...
  • SAFE: If your pet gets bored and decides to jump out of it, the collar clip and air mesh could prevent the pet from falling. The metal clip is...

You can choose from three sizes to fit dogs up to 5, 10, and 20 pounds (2.3, 4.5, 9 kgs), respectively. That way, you can get a bag that works well for your dog. If your dog grows, you can switch out the bag for a larger size.

It features a comfortable shoulder pad so that you can easily wear the bag around town, and since the bag is a crossbody, it can distribute your dog’s weight across you. You can also use the collar clip to keep your dog from jumping.

If you need to carry a purse, you can just put your belongings in a small zip pocket. That way, you can just use one bag and keep your hands free.

Bottom Line: The AOFOOK bag is great for dog owners on the go. It has safety features to protect your dog, and it’s comfortable for you to wear. The sling is great for puppies and small dogs of all ages.


  • Versatile: The bag has everything you need to take your dog on a day out. You can keep your phone and keys in the second pocket, and your dog can sit in the large compartment.
  • Safe for your dog: The collar clip can keep your dog from running after a squirrel or another distraction. That way, you don’t have to worry about chasing after your pup.
  • Great for use after sickness or surgery: You can carry your dog around when they aren’t well enough to walk themselves. This allows you to also still give them some stimulation outside your home.
  • Stylish: The solid black design makes the sling look good with just about anything. You can wear it when taking your dog to work or when running errands.
  • Different sizes: If you have a puppy, you don’t have to worry about it growing out of the sling. You can buy the next size up so that your dog can continue to travel with you.


  • Too shallow: If your dog is a bit taller or has long legs, they may not fit comfortably in the sling. It isn’t the deepest, so that can make it hard to secure your pet.
  • Bad for the lower back: The more you carry it, the more you may feel some pain in your lower back. It may be okay for a quick outing, but you may not want to use it if you have a history of back pain.

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Final Thoughts

Sling carrierss allow your pup to share your daily adventures with you. Our pick for best dog carrier sling is from Alfie Pet. However, you should also consider slings from Bro’Bear, AUTOWT, and AOFOOK. Each carrier has unique pros and cons, so consider these when choosing the best one for you and your dog.

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