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Best Tactical Harnesses for Dogs (Buying Guide)

You don’t have to have a service or military dog to use a tactical vest or harness. Our buying guide shows you what to look for when buying, and which harnesses we recommend.

Dog harnesses aren’t one-size-fits-all, and they come in tons of different styles. Tactical harnesses are some of the most durable and hard-working of the lot, but choosing the best one for your canine companion may be a challenge. After all, there are hundreds of options from which to choose.

The best tactical harnesses for dogs are made of durable materials. They’re also equipped with multiple leash attachment points, a strong carrying handle, and ID slots of patch attachment areas. A tactical harness should also be available in neutral, professional, or military colors and patterns.

We will explore the nature of tactical harnesses, their benefits, and features to look for when choosing one. We’ll also reveal our top picks for the best tactical harnesses for dogs, saving you the trouble while also ensuring that your dog receives an effective and comfortable harness.

This is a very in-depth buyer’s guide, so if you’re in a hurry, here are our top picks. You can read detailed reviews of these tactical harnesses below.

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What Is a Tactical Harness?

Dog harnesses vary in their size, material, appearance, and design. They may also differ in their primary purpose. For example, the majority of dog harnesses are designed for standard usage. This means that they’re built to withstand walks, trips to the dog park, and outdoor play.

A tactical harness (or military harness) is often more durable than the standard option. It may also be available in neutral colors or camouflage patterns. Additionally, these types of harnesses tend to have ID slots or attachment sites for badges and patches. (From an aesthetic standpoint, they can also look very cool!)

They may have multiple leash attachment points for better owner control, a thick carrying handle for the same purpose, and D-rings for additional doggie storage. But these are only some of the standard features of tactical dog harnesses. To understand more, you’ll need to examine how these products work.

How Does a Tactical Harness Work?

The primary purpose of any dog harness is to make it easier to control the dog without applying excess pressure on their neck and throat. Traditional collar-and-leash options can result in injuries to both the pup and the pup’s owner, especially if the dog in question is strong or very large.

Harnesses attach around the dog’s chest, shoulders, and upper spine. Some harnesses also wrap around the abdomen. This design helps spread out the pressure exerted by a leash, minimizing discomfort while also maximizing control. A leash attachment at the front of a harness helps to reduce pulling during walks.

Tactical harnesses take this concept to a whole new level. The purpose of a tactical harness’s features is to ensure owners have total control over the dog while also promoting awareness. Service dogs, for example, often wear vests with large adhesive labels to help people identify them. 

Tactical dog vests also have these label-ready areas, and they’re used for the same purpose. The benefits of using such a harness may persuade some owners to choose a tactical option over a standard, store-bought one.

Benefits of Using a Tactical Harness

Dog owners that use a tactical harness could enjoy several benefits. Some of the most common benefits associated with military-type or tactical dog harnesses include:

  • Better Control Over the Dog
  • Less Money Spent on Replacement Harnesses
  • Extra Gear Storage
  • Reduced Confusion Among Strangers
  • Improved Visibility or Improved Stealth

Let’s take a brief moment to consider these benefits and how they might affect your day-to-day life. After all, it’s challenging to know just how much a tactical dog harness could change you and your dog’s life and relationship if you’re not familiar with the benefits of using one.

Better Control Over the Dog

Perhaps the most notable benefit of a tactical harness is its ability to give owners more control over their dogs. Leashes attached to collars can make it difficult for some pet parents to retain control during a walk or outing. 

An excited dog that decides to run may very well drag its owner behind them. This situation could result in injuries to everyone involved. With a harness, the dog is more likely to feel a full-body tug of resistance while walking with its owner. 

This simple change is often enough to keep pups from charging and ensure that owners don’t experience leash-burn. Additionally, a tactical harness’s durable nature could help pet parents save a little money throughout the years.

Less Money Spent on Replacement Harnesses

Some harnesses fall apart after a few trips to the dog park or a few weeks of daily walks. Tactical harnesses, on the other hand, are often durable enough to withstand years of strenuous usage.

Owners purchasing a tactical harness for their adult dog may not need to buy a replacement harness, which results in savings upwards of $25 (the average price for a store-bought harness) per year. 

Some tactical dog harnesses also feature extra leash attachment sites that double as storage sites. This feature could help you reduce your load while hiking or camping.

Extra Gear Storage

Active dogs often wind up living with active people. If you enjoy hiking, camping, or performing outdoor activities with your dog, then you might find yourself interested in extra storage.

High-quality tactical dog vests almost always feature solid metal rings that are perfect for carabiners. Instead of carrying your pup’s water and food supply inside of your pack, you can attach those items to your dog and let them do the work! 

Of course, the potential for storage isn’t where the tactical dog harness’s benefits end. Most tactical harnesses also have ID slots or patch-attachment areas that are ideal for service dogs, military dogs, or police dogs.

Reduced Confusion Among Strangers

Members of the general public often approach service dogs, but some service dogs should be left alone. Dogs that are currently undergoing training, for example, may need to wear signage warning members of the public not to interact with it.

If these in-training pups don’t have any signage, the average passers-by and the dog trainers can quickly feel frustrated. Additionally, military dogs and police dogs are often required by law to wear specific signage on their harness to indicate their affiliation.

Tactical harnesses offer multiple solutions to this issue, from plasticized ID slots to fuzzy velcro-like attachment sites. No matter your dog-related signage needs, there’s a tactical dog harness for you.

Improved Visibility or Improved Stealth

Depending on the color or pattern you choose, a tactical harness could help make your dog more visible, or it could help them blend in among their surroundings. As such, tactical vests are often used by hunters, military personnel, and dog walkers. 

Some tactical harnesses may include highly reflective fabrics that allow for greater visibility at night. Others may be black, tan, or camouflage to keep dogs out of sight during the day. The ideal option for you depends on your needs and preferences.

Choosing the best tactical harness for your dog isn’t as simple as picking the best-looking or most affordable option. You’ll also need to consider the other factors that can make or break a tactical vest and harness. Browsing through the hundreds of available options and comparing their features can be time-consuming. We’ve dedicated hours of research to save you time and ensure you receive the best possible harness for your pup. 

Our Picks for Best Tactical Dog Harness

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

If you’re searching for the best professional military and police-friendly tactical dog harness, this ICEFANG harness might be your top option. Not only is it available in a multitude of professional colors and patterns, but it’s also one of the best-fitting options for German Shepherd Dogs and Doberman Pinschers. 

Still, you may need to keep an eye on any loose threads that pop up. Additionally, the D-ring on the chest is made of plastic, not metal. As such, it could snap during use. Still, the pull handle is sturdy enough to help you keep your dog safe and well-behaved.


  • This harness comes in five professional and practical colors
  • Has five molle strips, including one near the chest area
  • Plenty of padding helps reduce discomfort during usage
  • The pull handle is doubly stitched for superior performance


  • The adjustable straps may begin to fray after use, necessitating owners to burn off loose threads
  • The front chest D-ring is made of plastic, not steel, and it may break under extreme pressure
  • Lackluster ventilation may become a problem during warm weather
ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness
  • [Size & Care instruction] 1:Please choose right size base on ICEFANG size chart , Small(Neck:14"-18" ; Chest:22"-27");Medium(Neck:16"-22" ;...
  • [2x METAL BUCKLE]: 2 x Metal Buckle (1000 lb Proof-Load Test ) on Dog Shoulder Position which the most Load Bearing Point When Dog Pulling, 2 x POM...
  • [NO PULL/SAFETY CONTROL]: Connect leash to No pull front clip,redirect the dog forward motion and make dog's leg off the ground ,Allow you to Control...

Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness

Though this harness’s adjustable straps are a little on the light side, this tactical vest could be an excellent option for medium-sized dogs or smaller breeds. The Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness is also a budget-friendly option that isn’t likely to change. 

Besides, it’s one of the only options to offer both molle strips and a protected ID slot! But if you’re hoping to enjoy a ton of visibility from this tactical best, you may want to think again. While it does feature a reflective trimming, it’s oddly dark and may not hold up to wear and tear.


  • This harness could be ideal for dogs with achy joints, as it barely weighs a single pound
  • A budget-friendly option that costs slightly less than the average tactical harness
  • Features molle strips for patches or badges, in addition to back-centered ID slot
  • Plenty of room for furry legs to reduce chafing


  • Reflective trim is dull and may not bounce light back, making it difficult to see your dog
  • While the interior sections do feature a mesh fabric, the exterior is not ventilated
  • The smaller amount of material could reduce the overall durability of the harness
Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness
  • 【Easy Adjustment - for Ultimate Comfort.】Slip into and out of our dog harness effortlessly with the help of 2 quick-release buckles. Experience...
  • 【Built to Last - A Dog Harness That Endures.】 Crafted from durable nylon and reinforced with sturdy stitching, our heavy duty vest is designed to...
  • 【Molle System Use-Gear Up Your Dog. 】Our versatile dog harness features Molle strips on both sides, allowing your dog to carry essential gear....

Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness

With more molle, easier-to-use adjustable straps, and superior stitching, the Rabbitgoo Tactical Vest is a worthy contender in the competition for the best tactical dog harness. Sadly, it’s only available in three sizes and a limited amount of patterns. 

However, if you own a slim, athletic pup, this harness could be the best selection.


  • Seven total molle strips provide superior identification capability
  • Quickly adjustable straps make it easy to put this harness onto your dog
  • It fits slender, athletic dogs like a glove
  • The heavy-duty stitching ensures that this harness maintains its shape and strength over time


  • This harness is only available in three sizes
  • If you’re looking for a wide variation in colors and patterns, look elsewhere, as this option only comes in black, grey, and tan
Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Training Harness
  • Large Dog Molle Vest: Neck Girth: 26.4” - 34.6” (67.1 - 87.9cm), Chest Girth: 33” - 41.3” (83.8 - 104.9cm), Belly Length: 13.3” - 17.7”...
  • Military-standard Material: Heavy duty vest made of 1050D Nylon with sturdy stitching for extra durability and wearability, suitable for all field...
  • Practical Design For Versatile Use: Molle system equipped on both sides for pouches, water bottles, and tactical dog gear. Multiple Hook & Loop Panels...

Tactical Service Dog Harness Vest

Every high-quality service dog, military pup, or police hound has to start somewhere. This Tactical Service Dog Harness Vest is an excellent buy for a puppy just learning to become comfortable in its vest. Besides its smaller size and weight, this tactical harness shares many features with its larger cousins.

For example, it’s made of breathable mesh for improved comfort and reduced chafing. It also has molle for badges and patches. But adorably, the pull handle for this harness is a carrying handle!


  • This harness is available in five sizes for an optimal fit
  • Lightweight enough for even the tiniest puppies
  • Made of breathable mesh for superior ventilation
  • The parallel carrying handle is perfect for small dogs


  • Only available in two standard colors: Black and khaki
  • This harness vest may be too small and weak for larger, powerful breeds or adult dogs
Tactical Service Dog Harness Vest
  • 🔔Tactical dog harness FEATURES:🔑 Extender Strap/1050D Nylon Material/International Stander BUCKLE/Force Point with BAR-TRACKY/D ring for Dog...
  • 🐶Durable Material Breathable Mesh Interior&Hook and Loop Panels for Attach Morale Patch: Made with real quality 1050D nylon and well padded in all...
  • 🔇Handle & D ring for SAFETY CONTROL: Applying rubber hanle to dog harness, we're the first! Durable Handle is Sewn Tough and Large Enough to Grab...

OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness Vest

Have a lot of gear and ID you need to attach? This OneTigris Tactical Harness has nine molle strips. That’s a massive amount of surface area for attachable gear, storage, and identification patches. 

This vest has an elastic loop panel for even more potential carrying and storage power. However, this option will cost you slightly more than the average tactical harness, and it can be a bit tight on heftier pups.


  • Made of mesh fabric that helps keep dogs cool and comfortable
  • It has nine molle strips, making it one of the best options for service dogs, military dogs, and police dogs
  • Elastic loop panel is ideal for additional storage via carabiner


  • This model is slightly pricier than the average
  • May fit larger breeds too tightly
  • It only has two leash attachment points
OneTigrisTactical Dog Harness Vest
  • Upgraded Version with Different Sizing: Please Reference to The Sizing Chart Durable Material & Soft Padded: Made with our high quality 1000D nylon...
  • Easy Adjustable Dog Harness: Top handle for traffic control, 4 quick release buckles for easy put on and off while providing extra security; With one...
  • MOLLE System & Military Style: Each side features two MOLLE straps as well as hoop & loop strips panel to easily attach molle pouches or ID panels;...

BABYLTRL Tactical Dog Harness

It’s rare to find a dog harness that’s only available in one size. And if you put that feature aside, the BABYLTRL tactical harness might be a superior option. However, the one-size-fits-all design doesn’t fit all breeds equally well.

That said, this harness is one of the most affordable options, and it is relatively unique. In addition to a distinct design and sizing principle, this tactical harness is made of both nylon and Oxford fabric. Its rear buckles also feature handy safety locks.


  • Adjustable straps near the hindquarters feature a safety lock
  • One of the most affordable tactical harnesses
  • Made using a combination of high-strength nylon and Oxford fabric
  • Has elastic bungee for extra storage capacity


  • The one-size-fits-all design may not fit all body types comfortably or securely
  • Only available in black, no other colors available
Babyltrl Tactical Dog Harness
  • Perfect fit - Neck girth: 20''-24'', chest girth: 23''-32”. Recommended weight: 40-80lbs. Our tactical dog harness is suitable for large dogs such...
  • Durable material - Our no pull dog harness made of 900D nylon and oxford with sturdy stitching for extra durability and waterproof suitable for all...
  • Molle system and security -Two 1" strips of molle sewn on both sides, compatible with molle /pals pouch, allow your dog to carry gear in training /...

WINSEE Tactical Dog Backpack

Looking for the best tactical harness for storage? The WINSEE dog backpack harness comes with an attachable bag and is covered in helpful molle strips. As a bonus, you’ll get a matching collar with each tactical harness. Still, this vest is only available for larger breeds.


  • One of the only tactical harnesses that come with a saddle bag
  • It comes with a matching tactical collar
  • Adjustable belly strap for improved fit
  • Multiple molle strips for attachable bags, patches, and badges


  • Only available in two sizes: Large and extra-large
  • Shoppers must choose between two color options: Black or light brown
WINSEE Tactical Dog Packpack
  • ☛【ALL IN ONE KIT】Includes extra large dog molle vest with k9 dog collar and two bags. Neck: 21''-36''; Chest: 28''-47''; Belly Length:...
  • ☛【3x METAL BUCKLES& QUICK RELEASE BUCKLES】 2 x Metal Snaps (1000 lb Proof-Load Test ) are on Dog Shoulder Position which the most Load Bearing...
  • ☛【CREATIVE BELLY ADJUSTABLE POINT】Extra adjustable strap on the middle of the belly for maximum adjustability. Put on and take off this easy dog...

BARKBAY Tactical Dog Harness

If you’re looking forward to taking your dog out for early morning runs or late evening jogs, you may want to invest in a vest that’s reflective enough to help your dog remain visible. But purchasing separate harnesses can be frustrating and costly.

The BARKBAY Tactical Dog Harness has reflecting trimming that bounces light back effectively, ensuring visibility even in the darker parts of the day or night. It’s also made of military-grade nylon for superior durability.


  • The reflective trim that covers this harness is bright and reflective, making this a relatively suitable option for many service dogs
  • The majority of this harness if covered in molle, ensuring proper identification
  • Military-grade nylon thread work for maximum durability


  • This harness doesn’t consist of a lot of fabric, which may lead to chafing
  • It may not be suitable for tiny dogs
BARKBAY Tactical Dog Harness
  • 「Military Specifications Material」 High strength nylon construction for extra durability and dirt/water/abrasion resistance .Professional working...
  • 「Easy to Adjust&On/Off」3 heavy-duty quick release buckles allow you to install the harness in just a few minutes, 4 fully adjustable straps...
  • 「MOLLE System & Dog Identified」MOLLE system on for carrying pouches, water bottles, and essentials. ID panel display area on the chest for...

Features To Look for When Choosing a Tactical Harness

Are you ready to start scouring the internet for the perfect tactical harness? Well, before you begin browsing, you may want to consider what you’re looking for in a tactical harness. 

While we’ve mentioned many of these harnesses’ typical features, we haven’t addressed all of them. For example, when choosing a tactical harness, you might want to spend a little extra time thinking about:

  • Material
  • Size and Fit
  • Leash Attachments
  • Handles
  • ID Slots and Attachment Points
  • Potential For Storage
  • Ease of Use
  • Price

These various aspects can be a bit much to ponder over, especially if you’re unfamiliar with dog harnesses. But we’ve got your back. 

Below you’ll find quick explanations of each of the above features and factors. Hopefully, this information will help you choose the best possible tactical harness for your dog! 


The majority of dog harnesses are made from either nylon or polyester fabrics. These fabrics have quite a few notable qualities, including UV-resistance and mold-resistance. Because nylon and polyester harnesses tend to be made of synthetic fibers, they’re also quite durable.

Still, the sturdy qualities that make these materials so worthwhile can also become an issue. Nylon and polyester harnesses that don’t allow for ventilation (airflow between the dog’s uppermost fur and the surrounding environment) can damage a dog’s skin or coat.

Restrictive harnesses can also contribute to overheating, particularly during the hot summer months. As such, it’s crucial to choose a tactical harness with proper mesh ventilation or a somewhat open design that allows for plenty of airflows.

Size and Fit

Most tactical harnesses come in a variety of sizes. However, these sizes aren’t standardized. As such, a harness that registers as ‘medium’ in one brand might be several inches smaller or larger than the ‘medium’ size of a different brand. 

Just as with people’s clothing, choosing the right size often comes down to precise measuring and dedicated research. If you haven’t already invested in a flexible measuring tape, now might be the time to do so. 

A soft tape measure like this huboo Tape Measure can help you find the perfect harness for your dog’s body size, but you can also use it to measure yourself, household items, or fabrics meant for sewing projects. Besides, this multipurpose tool is one of the most wallet-friendly household investments you can make.

Once you have your flexible tape measure in hand, you can go ahead and measure your dog for a harness. Be sure to write down your measurements, or you may need to repeat this process several times.

Should you decide to skip this step, you may end up with a harness that’s too snug or too loose. When a dog’s harness doesn’t fit properly, the poor pup can suffer physically and mentally. If you try to outfit your dog with an improperly-sized harness, don’t be surprised to catch them chewing it off!

Leash Attachments

The average consumer-friendly dog harness might have a single leash attachment, either at the top or the chest area. Tactical harnesses rarely have fewer than two attachment sites and often have three or more. This allows owners to secure their leash to the most logical location.

For example, excitable puppies that are still undergoing training may need to be leashed at the chest to help reduce unexpected gallops, jumps, or sprints. But older, wiser dogs might perform better while leashed from uppermost portions of the harness. 

This versatility allows owners to maintain control while also ensuring their dog’s comfort. You can find a similar kind of versatility when looking at the types of handles tactical vests feature. 


Sometimes, the leash attachment site isn’t enough to keep your pup calm and stationary. That’s why tactical vests also include a sturdy carrying handle. Some are located at the uppermost top of the harness. These allow owners to pull against their pet and keep in close contact with them.

Other tactical harness handles are in the middle of the vest. These are often used strictly for carrying, as they’re parallel to the dog’s body. Even better, some tactical dog harnesses feature a combination of these two handle types for ultimate control and maneuverability. 

ID Slots and Attachment Points

Tactical dog harnesses are often used to assist in military or police work. They may also help identify service dogs. That’s because tactical vests are equipped with either ID slots and tags or adhesive areas that help patches and badges adhere to the vest.

If you’re purchasing a tactical vest to ensure proper identification, you’ll want to choose an option that offers plenty of opportunity for accurate IDing. Vests and harnesses with multiple strips of broad molle or velcro tend to work well for this purpose.

Potential for Storage

While this might not be a massively helpful feature for all pet owners, the potential for additional storage is bound to resonate with campers, hikers, and sports enthusiasts. Tactical harnesses may feature rings for extra storage. It helps to alleviate a little weight from your back and shoulders.

Ease of Use

Generally, dogs don’t enjoy having something pulled or pushed over their head. But some harnesses can only be applied this way, causing stress for both the owner and the pet. 

Fortunately, many tactical harnesses feature a smart step-in design that eliminates the need to torment your dog. This change in structure makes it easy to use tactical harnesses. Most owners should be able to equip their dog in as little as thirty seconds, even with an excited pup at wiggling around.


Finally, shoppers should consider their budget before selecting a tactical harness for their dog. While most harnesses are incredibly affordable, some can be a little pricey. The average price for a tactical dog harness is about $35, though higher-end options may fetch upwards of $50.

Fortunately, a tactical harness could be a long-term investment. Should you decide to purchase a high-quality model that costs a little more, you may find that it lasts for several more years than your previous harnesses. 

As such, the price difference between tactical harnesses and standard options is often worthwhile. Still, your budget will help guide you toward a reasonable price point.


A tactical dog harness is ideal for police dogs, military dogs, service dogs, and active pups. Most tactical harnesses feature plenty of leash attachment points, areas for badges of identification papers, sturdy carrying handles, and a durable design. 

Using a tactical dog vest could help you better control your dog, maintain proper identification, and free some room in your hiking backpack. The information provided in this guide can help you select the best possible tactical harness for your dog, though our top picks might help you save a little time during the browsing process.

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