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Elegance Meets Function: The Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars

An often neglected style choice, rolled leather dog collars not only solve fur matting issues on long-haired dogs, but they also make a classic fashion statement.

While flat buckle dog collars are the most popular collar, a somewhat forgotten classic is the rolled leather dog collar.  Commonly used with long hair dogs to prevent snagging, the rounded leather collar look is very stylish and elegant in addition to being functional.

Rolled leather dog collars look great on dogs with coats of all lengths.  Their classic leather saddle-like look contrasts nicely with even the shortest of fur lengths.

We take a look at the best rolled leather collar options available and recommend what’s worked best for us.

Top Six Rolled Leather Dog Collars

CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar

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The CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar is handmade with leather and comes in a large variety of color options. In addition to the collars, CollarDirect also sells rolled leather leashes in color options that match their collar offerings. The hardware used is non-allergenic and should not irritate dogs with sensitive skin. 

Although the sizing may not work for large dogs, the sizes available should accommodate dogs with necks as small as 6 inches and as large as 21 inches. Thus, this collar would work for dogs as small as puppies and as large as many medium-sized dogs. 

  • Beige, black, blue, brown, dark blue, lime green, mint green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow color options with non-allergenic chrome zinc alloy hardware
  • Seven neck size options, ranging from 6”-21”
  • Made in Ukraine

BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Collar

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The BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar is offered in three classic leather colors, black, dark brown, and a medium-brown. With silver-colored hardware, each of these collars looks classic and stylish. 

The sizes available may not work for large dogs or medium-sized dogs with thicker necks, but for small dogs or dogs with thinner necks, the BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Collar would be a good choice. It is important to note that the leather used in this collar is dry clean only and should not be exposed to water.

  • Black, dark brown, and brown color options with metal hardware
  • Four neck size options, ranging from 8”-18”
  • Made in Ukraine

BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar Round Rope

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The treatment of the leather used in the BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar Round Rope gives the collar an appearance of suede, rather than that of traditional leather. The gold-plated hardware used for the five color options gives this collar a classic look.

A few things to note about this collar: The leather treatment used for this collar may cause spots and scratches to be more apparent than on other leather collars, and the color may transfer onto dog fur that is white or lighter in color. As with most genuine leather collars, this collar should not be exposed to water. 

  • Burgundy, dark blue, dark brown, light brown, and mustard color options with gold-plated metal hardware
  • Five neck size options, ranging from 7”-18”
  • Made in Ukraine

Mendota Products Leather Rolled Collar

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Although the Mendota Products Leather Rolled Collar is only offered in chestnut with brass hardware, this collar still looks very distinguished and would complement most dog coat colorings. This collar is made in the U.S.A. and utilizes English bridle leather.

The sizing options for this collar would work for medium-sized dogs and large dogs whose necks were not too bulky. This particular collar would not work well for small dogs or medium-sized dogs with thin necks. 

  • Only offered in Chestnut color with brass hardware
  • Size options range from 18”-24”
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Perri’s Rolled Leather Dog Collar

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Perri’s Rolled Leather Dog Collar  is offered in two color options, black and Havana, both of which use different hardware to complement the collar’s color. Both options look quite stylish, and are both made in the U.S.A.

This collar is offered in five sizes, ranging from 8 inches to 25 inches, making this collar a great option for small-, medium-, and large-sized dogs. Do note that some very large dogs or thick-necked dogs may not be able to use this collar.  

  • Two color options: Black with chrome hardware and Havana with brass hardware
  • Five neck size options ranging from 8”-25”
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Weatherproof Collar for Small Dogs — WAUDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar

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The WAUDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar is offered in a variety of vibrant colors with silver-colored hardware. The collar is reinforced with a nylon cord, adding to its durability. This particular collar is a good option for small- or thinner-necked medium-sized dogs.

Unlike most other rolled leather dog collars, this collar is unique in that it is weatherproof. Although it should not be submerged in water, this collar will hold up to water exposure better than other rolled leather collars. 

  • Blue, brown, light green, mint green, orange, pink, purple, and yellow color options. The steel hardware is coated to protect from rusting and water damage.
  • Three neck size options, ranging from 7¾”-16”
  • Made in Ukraine

Which Dogs Benefit the Most from Rolled Leather Collars?

Although it is safe for any dog to wear a rolled leather dog collar, dogs with long hair or sensitive skin will most benefit from rolled leather collars. The rounded collars do not mat fur as a flat or metal collar might. Additionally, the rounded shape prevents skin irritation that might be caused by a flat fabric or metal collar as a result of more surface contact and the presence of edges.

Dogs with thick or long hair greatly benefit from a rolled leather collar. Fluffy dog breeds like Sheepdogs, Collies, or Cavalier King Charles Spaniels might do better with a rolled collar than with a flat or metal one. 

Dogs with sensitive skin could have fewer flare-ups with a rolled leather collar. Rolled leather collars do not rub as much as flat collars, and have fewer metal-to-skin contact points. If your dog has skin sensitivities to certain metals, you will also want to check to make sure the metal hardware on a rolled leather collar is appropriate for their skin. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Rolled Leather Dog Collar


Leather collars require a bit more maintenance than other nylon or metal collars and can be a bit more complicated to clean. To soften and preserve a roller leather collar, clean it with beeswax or a leather cleaner and conditioner like Bickmore Saddle Soap.

Brushing Dog

While a rolled leather dog collar can greatly reduce fur matting, dogs still need to be regularly brushed. Combining a brushing session with collar cleaning might be a good way to remember to handle both regularly. 

Water Exposure

Be careful to limit the collar’s exposure to water; most leather is damaged by water. That being said, some collars may be partially or largely waterproof. Make sure to review listed product information if you think your dog’s collar will regularly be coming into contact with water. 

Dogs Who Pull Hard on the Leash

It is also important to note that rolled leather collars may not be a good fit for dogs who have a tendency to pull hard on their leashes. The leather may become worn by the pulling, leading to damage of the hardware or the collar. If your dog is a puller but would otherwise benefit from a rolled leather dog collar, you might consider having two collars for your pooch: a rolled leather collar for home or indoors, and another one for walks. 


It is important that your dog’s collar fits them perfectly, not too large or too small. A collar that is too large could easily get snagged or be wriggled out of, while a collar that is too small could choke them or hurt their skin. 

When you are buying a new collar, read the sizing guide carefully. Some collars are measured from end-to-end, while others are measured from the center of the buckle to the final buckle hole (not the actual end of the collar). 

Once you know how the collar is sized, you can measure your dog’s neck with a tape measure or, if they already have a collar, you could measure that instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between round leather collars and rolled leather collars? 

Technically, yes: Round leather dog collars are made of leather encircling a rope core, while rolled leather dog collars are entirely made of leather that is rolled round and stitched together. 

Although there is a difference, you may find these types of leather dog collars interchangeably referred to as round leather or rolled leather collars. Both types of collar are durable, are beneficial for decreasing dog hair matting and tangles, and are appropriate for dogs with sensitive skin.

Which Dogs Should Wear Rolled Leather Collars?

Any dog can wear a rolled leather collar, but these types of collars are most beneficial for dogs with long hair or sensitive skin. These collars may not be the best choice to use for walks if your dog pulls: this will strain the leather and could damage the collar or the hardware. 


While there are a number of great options, our top pick for the best rolled leather dog collar would have to be the CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar. We love the variety of color options and that the hardware is non-allergenic and will not bother a dog’s skin. 

Although the sizing options for that particular collar may not work for large dogs, the available sizes should work for all small- and most medium-sized dogs. For a larger dog, we would suggest Perri’s Rolled Leather Dog Collar, which can accommodate up to a 24-inch neck. 

With a rolled leather dog collar, your pup will both look stylish and be more comfortable than they might be with a flat or full-metal collar. 

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