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Relationship Advice: 10 Signs Your Dog Isn’t Into You Anymore

Sometimes the thrill is gone. Here are some telltale signs that your relationship with your dog may be in trouble.

The honeymoon never lasts forever.  And whether we’re in a relatively new relationship or have been together for a long time, there often comes a time when it seems that one half of the partnership just isn’t feeling it.  It may just be a rough patch to get through, or paranoia on the part of one of you, or signs of more serious problems with the relationship.  Here, we look at some sure signs that your dog is having thoughts of moving on.

1. Your dog starts sleeping on the floor instead of on the bed with you.

For all this time, your dog’s happiest place was snuggled next to you on a fluffy pillow top mattress.  Not any more.  Don’t sleep on this hint.

2. He passes on your offers to take him for a walk.

What used to prompt Christmas morning level excitement is now greeted with a dismissive look that says, “I already walked myself around the back yard.”  Beware.

3.  Your pup keeps “forgetting” his tug toy at your friendly neighbor’s house.

Whether a conscious act or not, the “Leave Behind” is a classic hookup ruse which provides a convenient excuse to return to the object of desire.  News bulletin: you are not that object of desire.

4. She suddenly starts spending a lot of time in her crate, even with the door open.

When you began crate training her as a puppy, your dog trainer kept telling you that she would soon see it as a comfortable, safe den and willingly enter it on her own and spend time there.  She never did.  Now she does.  Is it her safe space… from you?

dog lies on bed in crate

5.  She stops barking at the mail carrier and starts looking longingly at him while wagging her tail and wiggling.

“Maybe all this time the person I’ve really needed has been the one I’ve been trying so hard to push away every day?”  Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

6. You keep catching your pup staring at somebody else while you scratch their belly.

It’s perfectly normal and healthy for your dog to be fantasizing about someone else giving them belly rubs, and it doesn’t reflect on their feelings for you at all.  Uh huh, keep telling yourself that.

dog lies on its back on grass

7.  He finally starts playing with Roger, the grumpy, boring, and sedentary bulldog at the park, just to avoid being near you.

None of the dogs at the park like Roger.  None of the people at the park like Roger.  Your dog is hanging out with Roger instead of you.  Do the math.

8.  You notice that your pup is spending long periods grooming herself right before the dog walker comes over.

Remember when your dog would spend time grooming themselves in anticipation of you coming home?  Yeah, we don’t either.

19. He pretends not to notice you when you come to pick him up from doggie daycare.

When the attendant suggests that your dog’s vision might be starting to go, you know it’s only being said out of pity.

10.  Your dog will only kiss you now if you have peanut butter on your face.

Face it, either (a) there’s serious problems with your relationship, or (b) you’ve reached the point where you’re basically married to your dog, so just be sure to keep a good supply of peanut butter around.

woman puckers lips to kiss a dog

You have been warned. If you recognize any of these red flags, now is a good time to invest a little more effort into your relationship with your dog. And even if you don’t see any indicators of trouble, now is a good time to invest a little more effort into your relationship with your dog!

Superb Dog Editor

Superb Dog Editor