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SDWR is Now a Part of Superb Dog

Superb Dog is pleased to announce that it has acquired Service Dogs & Working Retrievers (SDWR), Will Callaway’s excellent informational site. All of the fine content, from service dog insights to general dog care to retriever-specific knowledge, can now be found at Superb Dog.

Superb Dog, a coalition of experts dedicated to the care, training, and understanding of dogs, has been informing dog enthusiasts for years. Operating on the belief that “Every Dog is a Superb Dog”, its mission is to educate the general public on all things canine-related.

While much of Superb Dog has been dedicated to training, general dog knowledge and health issues, SDWR adds to this knowledge base a host of wonderful complementary resources in the area of working dogs as well as that of some of the most popular breeds, including the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever.

Superb Dog has experienced continuous growth and is confident that this merger will only increase the value it provides to its readers, whether they are looking for specific advice on training, dog food reviews, or behavior.

Commitment to the Dog Community

Superb Dog has always put dogs and their owners first. With an emphasis on respecting the animals we love, Superb Dog is fully committed to educating the dog community with practical knowledge gleaned from years of experience in the dog world.

With expertise in dog training, care, health, and behavior, Superb Dog is a top destination website for dog owners, and the addition of SDWR’s resources confirms that commitment.

(Note: Superb Dog and Service Dogs & Working Retrievers are not in any way affiliated with or connected to Warren Retrievers, who once used the “SDWR” URL for its domain years ago.)